Rebecca Pidgeon: The Raven (45rpm-edition)

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AS AAPP 130-45

„The Raven“ – Rebecca Pidgeon (voc), Joel Diamond (p); Mitch Margold (synth); Anthony Coote (g, voc); George Naha (g); David Finch (b); Gary Burke (perc); strings & background vocals
Rebecca Pidgeon, the acclaimed Scottish actress, has also displayed her gift as a singer/songwriter on her several well-received albums. Taking elements from folk, pop, jazz, and Celtic traditions, Pidgeon crafts lilting, intimate poetry. Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, she later moved to Edinburgh, Scotland with her family at the age of 5.
As a teenager in Scotland, she sang along with the radio and her parents‘ Beatles and Joni Mitchell records as a light escape from her demanding acting studies. Eventually, she enrolled in London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Art at 18 where she studied drama, music, and voice.
Pidgeon’s first Chesky release, „The Raven“, featured Pidgeon’s stunning version of „Spanish Harlem“. „The Raven“ went on to become an audiophile classic, thanks to Pidgeon’s crystalline voice and Chesky’s high-fidelity recording techniques. Her second album, „The New York Girls‘ Club“, brought her unique singing and songwriting to more music lovers.
She now resides in Boston and Vermont with her husband and their daughter. Between album projects, Pidgeon has starred in the Mamet plays „Oleanna“, „Speed The Plow“, „The Old Neighborhood“, and the motion pictures „The Spanish Prisoner“ and „The Winslow Boy“.

Recording: digital recording
Format: 2LPs 200g 45rpm / gatefold sleeve
Release date: 15.08.2020
Manufacturer: Acoustic Sounds
Original label: Chesky Records
Genre: Pop