Norman Williams And The One Mind Experience: The Bishop

19. Juli 2020 222241 0 Comments

Pure Pleasure TR 101

„The Bishop“ – Allen Pittman (flh); Norman Williams (as); Paul Arslanian (el-p, p); Michael Formanek (b); Obadi (dr)
Bishop Norman Williams is an amazing musician. He not only has command of his instrument and music, but a great spirit that reflects a knowledge and love of his people and what they give the world — the same spirit shared by Satchmo, Bird, and Trane. Reign on, Bishop. Michael Howell

Bishop Norman Williams is one of those unique talents in music. He has the gift of being able to say what he wants and at the same time say something always significant. He has many influences because he is open to all of the good music of the world. When you hear him play, you feel that he has assembled all of these ‚world ideas‘ in music to speak through his horn. John Handy

It’s time. It’s time for all to hear the Bishop proclaim spiritual truths in his church, the One Mind Temple, dedicated to the spirit of John Coltrane. The time is also overdue for all to hear the Bishop proclaim musical truths through the medium of his alto saxophone. My first few gigs in 1962 were with the Bishop’s band. I’ll never forget what an inspiration it was for me learning how to play while standing next to the Bishop, who already had it together. I’m sure after hearing the Bishop, you will also agree that his time has come. Eddie Henderson
Format: 1LP 180g 33rpm / standard sleeve
Release date: 15.08.2020
Manufacturer: Pure Pleasure
Original label: Theresa
Genre: Jazz