Rob Wasserman: Duets (45rpm-edition)

21. März 2020 222241 0 Comments

AS AAPP 118-45

„Duets“ – Rob Wasserman (b); Aaron Neville, Jennifer Warnes, Dan Hicks, Cheryl Bentyne, Stephane Grappelli (v); Rickie Lee Jones (g, bells, perc); Bobby McFerrin (voc, perc); Lou Reed (voc, g)
Format: 2LPs 200g 45rpm / gatefold sleeve
Release date: 15.04.2020
Manufacturer: Acoustic Sounds
Original label: MCA
Genre: Pop
It took a bass player to return vocals to their proper place on „Duets“ — a record that’s a model of simplicity. On the tracks on this LP you’ll find Rob Wasserman’s bass, and another voice. The result is a charming collection of duets featuring bassist Wasserman joined by special guests Aaron Neville, Rickie Lee Jones, Bobby McFerrin, Lou Reed, Jennifer Warnes, Dan Hicks, Cheryl Bentyne and Stephane Grappelli. The experimental release pairs the human voice with the bass guitar, resulting in a collection of unique and soulful material.
And now — we’ve upped the ante even more for true audiophile bliss — the 45rpm 2LP version reduces distortion and high frequency loss as the wider-spaced grooves let your stereo cartridge track more accurately. Natural tonalities, superb balances, pristine clarity and more are all revealed.
Unlike much of current music, where vocals are squelched and compression molded into something of an afterthought, Wasserman sought to create on „Duets“ a music record — without technology interfering. „It’s kinda like being in a club. It lets you get closer to the song“, Wasserman says.
Not surprisingly, „Duets“ ranks among the most breathtaking collections of popular songs issued in the 1980s.