Beethoven: Sonatas for Violoncello and PianoBeethoven_Sonatas for Violoncello and Piano

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Analogphonic LP 43153

Ludwig van Beethoven: Sonatas for Violoncello and Piano op. 5 nos. 1 & 2; op. 69; op. 102 nos. 1 & 2; Adagio cantabile – Allegro vivace; a.o. – Enrico Mainardi (vc); Carlo Zecchi (p)
The complete Beethoven Cello Sonatas, recorded between 1955 and 1957 with Carlo Zecchi, adopts a much more universal approach than the Bach Suites. A noble statue of Beethoven is sculpted by the careful bowing of the cellist. The technique is sharply executed, but the image created is restrained and serene. A Beethoven with such profound magnanimity and true humanity is not often heard today. Although a monaural recording, as with the Bach, the session recorded at Beethovensaal in Hanover benefits from the good mike setting, which vividly captures the air movements of the recording venue and even the friction at the moment of bowing. It is a valuable record of the cellist who has reached his full maturity in his late 50s.
Format: 3LPs 180g 33rpm / Box
Release date: 08.07.2020
Manufacturer: Analogphonic
Original label: Deutsche Grammophon
Genre: Classical